A Fabulous Run for Rigoletto

  • Posted on: 3 June 2018
  • By: admin


Another show draws to a close and the cast return to their regular day-jobs with the usual mixed feelings: relief that it all went off without a hitch and sadness that we won't get to do it one more time. And what a show it was, Verdi knew what buttons to press and something in his operas always seems to carry through to the modern era. Non more so perhaps than Rigoletto with its story of a vain and powerful man abusing his position to exploit the vulnerable.


Verdi creates a cast of characters with real depth to tell his story, Rigoletto, Gilda and the Duke have most of the action but the assasin Sparafucile, his sister Maddalena and Monterone who's curse sets the story in motion all serve to bring the drama to life. Not to mention the chorus with its trio of leaders Borsa, Ceprano and Marullo whose spite and complicity bring about the disaster.


Our principals did not disappoint. Nick Forrest gave a masterful performance as Rigoletto, Veronica Brooks's Gilda was heartbreaking and Tim Crouch's Duke was a study in self-serving nastiness! The music was sublime and the Heber Ensemble delivered a fantastic performance every night as always. Each venue was busy and the audience as always were brilliant and played their part in making each performance special.


Personally, I can't wait for next one - I hope we see you there next year.