Nick Forrest is Rigoletto

  • Posted on: 7 March 2018
  • By: Dorothy Withers


Nick Forrest has been a mainstay of Heber Opera since its very first production. That was Benjamin Britten’s “Rape of Lucretia” in which Nick took the challenging role of Tarquinius, the Spartan prince who was infamously credited with the act that named the opera ! The music was not particularly easy and I remember we had a visiting singer for that show, who, during rehearsal for a particularly tricky ensemble was heard to say- in less than encouraging tones- “Well, if we are going to get this wrong then let us at least sing it quickly and get it over with as soon as possible” Ah, there have been some memorable quotes over the years!!

Since then of course Nick has become very well known to Heber supporters who appreciate the depth of vocal and dramatic characterisation he brings to every role. Whether tackling the lighter parts which include comic elements, such as Eisenstein (Die Fledermaus by Strauss ) or delving into deeply tormented souls such as Bluebeard ( Bluebeard’s Castle by Bartok ) or Verdi’s “Macbeth”, he always brings the same level of commitment, never holding back but putting 100% of his energy into bringing characters to life.

Most recently he gave a very moving performance as Valentine, the honourable brother of doomed heroine Margarita, in last year’s production of Gounod’s Faust and is currently busy preparing for the challenge of getting under the skin of the title character in Verdi’s Rigoletto.

Recently retired from teaching ( Drama & Singing ) Nick is now a full-time singer and when not wearing his “operatic hat” continues to entertain audiences with his band, the ever popular and much in demand “Wilbury Jam”.

Away from music, Nick is a passionate follower of rugby union and cricket and in connection with the latter is currently having a wonderful time reading Henry Blofeld’s very entertaining autobiography “Over and Out”. Also known to enjoy sampling the odd glass of “real ale” Nick may be found after rehearsal frequenting the odd local hostelry with some of his like minded fellow “Heberites”. Singers do need to keep their throats lubricated of course!!